LinkedIn: Using Alumni Networking To Find Your Dream Job

You’ve worked hard to craft the perfect LinkedIn profile, and yet, you still haven’t managed to land that dream job. LinkedIn is about more than listing your accomplishments online; the site is a social network, so it’s best to actually make an effort to socialize with fellow job hunters. The easiest way to accomplish this is to join your alma mater’s LinkedIn group.

Share Your Goals

Although some members may have joined your alumni group with the sole purpose of reminiscing about the good old days, the vast majority are hoping to advance their careers with the help of fellow alums. Many will happily help you with your job hunt, with the assumption that you will eventually return the favor. Don’t be afraid to let others know what, exactly, you’d like to achieve — and how they can help! Be sure to reach out to the group manager, who may be the best-connected member of your online alumni association.

Participate in Discussions

It’s wise to make your intentions known, but your LinkedIn alumni interaction should not end there. Get involved with already existing conversations, or start your own by asking a question or sharing a link to an intriguing article. Once they realize just how well-rounded of an individual you’ve become since graduation, your fellow alums will be even more eager to help you with your current job search.

Attend Group Events

Although a handful of LinkedIn-based alumni groups keep their visits strictly virtual, most organize in-person events from time to time. These events are worth attending, as they allow you to better connect with the fellow alumni.

From virtual discussions to in-person networking events, LinkedIn groups offer plenty of opportunities for reaching out to other professionals. By failing to take advantage of this free resource, you could be missing out on all kinds of amazing job opportunities.

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