10 Things You Should Not Mention in an Interview

If you’re lucky enough to get an interviewer with whom you feel comfortable speaking, it’s tempting to share personal information about yourself. While sharing a few personal details can help solidify the relationship and perhaps get you the job, there are some personal things you should never mention in an interview.

1. You’ve moved seven times in the last 10 years.

This makes you look transitory and unstable.

2. You followed your boyfriend to this city.

This makes you look like a follower, not a leader.

3. Your last boss was a the devil in “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Share your nightmare boss stories with your girlfriends, not someone who might be your future boss.

4. You’ve lived in your place for three months and still haven’t full unpacked.

This makes it seem like you’re disorganized or just lazy.

5. You’re a secret smoker.

What other secrets are you hiding?, your interviewer may wonder to themselves.

6. You’re actively looking for a husband.

This office isn’t a meat market, there for your pickings. Gold diggers need not apply.

7. You were surprised to get the invitation to interview.

This makes it seem like you know something they don’t about your lack of suitability for the job.

8. The only reason you applied is because your best friend works here.

So you’re looking for a job where you can hang with your friends instead of advance your career?

9. You are a recovering addict.

This is important in your own life, but it’s not appropriate to share with someone you hope to gain respect and trust from. Keep it between you and your counselor.

10. You’re broke.

This makes it look like you’ll take any job just because of the money. While that may be true, it’s just one last thing you should never mention in an interview.

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